No dialogue with Abe after shrine visit: FM

By Global Times – Xinhua Source:Global Times - Xinhua Published: 2013-12-31 0:43:01

China said on Monday that its leaders will not have any dialogue with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe after his Thursday visit to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine further sabotaged the political foundation of the Sino-Japanese relationship.

Abe's claim that he values the development of the relationship with China and that he hopes to have dialogue with Chinese leaders has been proved to be complete hypocrisy, said Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang.

The Yasukuni Shrine, where 14 Class-A war criminals of World War II are honored along with Japan's war dead, is seen by critics as a symbol of the country's militarist past.

"Abe himself has shut the door for possible dialogue with Chinese leaders," Qin added, urging Abe to admit his mistake.

Qin said that Abe has been miscalculating on the bilateral relationship since taking office, and the shrine visit was especially wrong as "it grossly tramples on the sentiment of Chinese people and other Asian peoples victimized in the war and openly challenges historical justice and the human conscience."

"The Chinese people don't welcome such a Japanese leader, and Chinese leaders will unquestionably not speak with him either," Qin reiterated.

While saying that Abe's act has set up multiple barriers for the bilateral relationship, Qin did not state that China would stop cooperation and communication with Japan.

Abe's act has drawn strong denunciations from neighboring China, South Korea and even concern from its close ally the US.

 Japan's Kyodo News Agency on Sunday published the result of a nationwide survey, showing that nearly 70 percent of respondents said Abe should heed the diplomatic implications of his shrine visit, along with other domestic media editorials and criticism expressing the same concern.

Stressing there are many Japanese people with a conscience, who love peace and value friendship, Qin said China would like to work with those Japanese to safeguard historical justice and bilateral relations.

Global Times - Xinhua

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