China to step up care for the elderly

Source:Xinhua Published: 2013-12-31 16:34:24

The Chinese government has released a guideline on enhancing senior care services for people aged 60 and older.

The document, jointly released by 24 departments including a national working committee on aging, aims for comprehensive and improved favorable policies and services for the elderly, a more respectful public environment for the elderly and more effective implementation of various policies by 2015.

The document urged health institutes to set up health profiles for local seniors at or above the age of 65 and provide free health checks to them at least once a year.

Public transportation vehicles should specially designate at least 10 percent of seats for the sick, the disabled, the elderly and the pregnant.

According to the document, elderly support management work will be regulated further by 2020, with more varieties of senior care services and better caring capacities.

"Old people will live happier and more well-off lives by 2020," it said.

Local governments were encouraged to set up their own caring standards and specify target groups in line with the document and local realities.

The document also cited preferential policies and services in government administration, commercial services, and cultural and sports activities, such as free access to museums and galleries.

In addition, it called for more timely and effective handling of public complaints over services for the elderly.

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