Cambodia's ruling party expresses regret for opposition's talk suspension

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-1-3 9:22:39

The Prime Minister Hun Sen's ruling party on Thursday night expressed regret for the opposition party's decision to suspend talks over ongoing political dispute, which was scheduled on Friday.

"The Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) has used a clash ( between the authorities and striking workers) as its pretext to suspend the talk plan, this truly shows the lack of the opposition party's real will in seeking solutions through negotiations," the ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) said in a statement.

The statement said the clash was triggered by the opposition's inciting activities.

"The CPP would like to reiterate that peaceful solutions through negotiations are the best and only choice for the current issues," it said. "The CPP urges the CNRP to stop inciting violence and causing social unrest, and should immediately return to negotiating table in order to jointly resolve issues peacefully for the sake of the nation."

The statement came after the CNRP decided to postpone a talk over ongoing political row with the Prime Minister Hun Sen's ruling party, which was scheduled on Friday.

"The CNRP's working group decides to suspend a talk plan over political dispute with the ruling CPP, which is scheduled on Jan. 3," a CNRP's statement said Thursday.

The CNRP's decision came after the Cambodian authorities on Thursday cracked down on hundreds of striking workers at a garment factory on the outskirts of capital Phnom Penh, the statement said, adding that the CNRP would resume talks with the ruling party only if the authorities stop using violence against protesters.

Political dispute between the Prime Minister Hun Sen's ruling party and the Sam Rainsy's opposition party has persisted since the July election results showed that the ruling party won a majority of vote with 68 parliamentary seats against 55 seats for the opposition.

The opposition refused to accept the outcome, claiming serious irregularities and has boycotted parliament since then.

Since Dec. 15, Sam Rainsy has held a new round of daily anti- government protests and has led thousands of supporters through streets in capital Phnom Penh to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Hun Sen and a re-vote.

Moreover, since Dec. 25, Sam Rainsy, along with his accomplices, has incited thousands of garment workers to join his anti- government protests by promising to double their minimum wage to 160 US dollars if his party comes to power.

Premier Hun Sen, who has ruled the country for 28 years, has said that he would neither step down nor call a re-vote because he had done nothing wrong.

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