Albanian PM highlights entrepreneurship as generator of development

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-1-19 9:12:18

Entrepreneurship is the generator of development and the government will do everything in its power to ensure it has the deserved place in society, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama was quoted as saying on Saturday.

Rama made the remarks when holding talks with business community representatives on Friday. He highlighted that entrepreneurs should not be seen as an embodiment of corruption, instead they should be seen as generators of work places and development.

He reiterated the determination of Albanian government in place to pay the debts to business accumulated over years and pledged financial incentives for those creating jobs.

Rama said the government will draft a package of incentives for textile and footwear business within spring and will reduce VAT on tourism.

Concerning the concessions, Rama said "we are not against the concessions, we are against turning it in a corrupt practice."

Rama announced the establishment of the National Economic Council Secretariat, as a linking bridge of the entrepreneurship with the government.

"To establish a direct, open and concrete communication between entrepreneurship and government, and help any business deal with arbitrary or administrative barriers, we have established the National Economic Council Secretariat, which will address strategic problems related with economic development and those related with the activity of entrepreneurship."

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