Nippon Paint China’s ‘Color, Way of Love’ sweeps China charity festival awards Published: 2014-1-20 15:57:23

"Color, way of love", one of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of Nippon Paint China, has brought hope to tens of thousands of children in rural China. Photo: Courtesy of Nippon Paint China

The third China Charity Festival, with its theme of "Engage in charity work to beautify your life", ended successfully in Beijing. Nippon Paint China won three awards, including "Best Annual philanthropic Group", "Best Annual Philanthropic People" and "Best Philanthropic Project Award"  with its "Color, Way of Love" and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects.

From painting the exterior walls of Hope Schools for free to jointly cooperating with various kinds of partners, Nippon Paint China's "Color, Way of Love" project has explored a brand new way to fulfill its commitment to society. A growing number of employees of Nippon Paint China are becoming involved in various charity projects as well.

They make positive contributions to Nippon Paint China’s CSR projects and actively participate in caring for those in need. This creates fertile conditions for the development of such CSR projects. Nippon Paint China will continue to call upon more caring enterprises and individuals to take part in their “Color, Way of Love” and CSR projects to boost the development of philanthropic platforms in China.

"In 2014, Nippon Paint China will continue to develop  'Color, Way of Love' Project as a sustainable CSR platform," said Ariel Wu, CSR & PR director of Nippon Paint China.

Wu explained the company will continue to work with other enterprise partners and involve more employees, expand resources to improve education opportunity for children living in rural areas, and promote the "Leftover Children Plan" and the "Walking for kids" projects together with the Shanghai United Foundation. Nippon Paint China will always take "love" as the starting point and give hope to those in need for a brighter future.

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