Teacher had connections to separatists,say police

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-1-26 0:43:01

An Uyghur teacher at Minzu University of China in Beijing who was reportedly arrested on January 15 colluded with overseas "East Turkestan Islamic Movement" forces to incite "independence" of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region through the Internet, according to the Urumqi Public Security Bureau in Xinjiang.

Using his position as a teacher, Ilham Tohti participated in separatist activities, forming a criminal gang under his lead, said the bureau, news portal sina.com reported Saturday.

Through the website "Uyghur Online" (uighurbiz.net) which he founded, Tohti recruited and manipulated some people to make rumors, distort and hype up issues in a bid to create conflicts, spread separatist thinking, incite ethnic hatred, advocate "Xinjiang independence" and conduct separatist activities, police said. 

Tohti said in class that "Uyghur people should struggle with violence" and that "Uyghur people should oppose the government as Chinese resisted Japanese invaders in past years." During his class, he praised some terrorists as heroes and incited his students to hate the country and "subvert government."

He made use of his position to rope in, lure, and threaten people to build connections with "East Turkestan" forces and to organize and send people overseas to participate in separatist activities.

The case is still under investigation, said the bureau.

Global Times

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