32 Ugandan rebels killed during fighting with DR Congo army

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-2-1 18:09:27

DR Congo army confirmed Friday the killing of 32 fighters of a Ugandan rebel group in North Kivu province.

Commander of the 8th military region, Lucien Bauma Ambamba said the fight with the rebel group ADF-NALU happened on Thursday along Mbau-Kamango road in North Kivu's Beni territory.

"We have closed all entry routes for the ADF rebels," Ambamba said, affirming that the regular army had recaptured the strategic sites that were initially under the occupation of the Ugandan rebels.

Since mid-January, DR Congo army, supported by the UN Mission for Stabilization of Congo (MONUSCO), launched Operation Sokola whose objective was to neutralize the Ugandan ADF rebels that have been causing insecurity in Beni and its environs.

Operation Sokola is the second successful operation launched by the army following the defeat of M23 rebels who were operating in the east of the country.

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