Ignorance leads to Spanish judge’s ruling

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-2-12 1:08:02

A Spanish judge on Monday issued a ridiculous "arrest warrant" against former Chinese heads of state. In response to the charge filed by Spanish pro-Tibet independence human rights groups, the judge accused former top Chinese officials of committing crimes against humanity under the principle of universal jurisdiction.

The judge might have never been to Tibet because he is totally ignorant of the enormous social progress made in recent decades. He still views China with an old, biased and arrogant attitude by attempting to interfere into Beijing's internal affairs.

It is fair to say that he is a blunderer who lacks the fundamental concepts of international politics. He is more ludicrous than but not as innocent as Don Quixote, a figure created by Miguel de Cervantes during the Renaissance.

The "Tibetan issue" in Western public opinion has long broken away from the reality of current Tibetan society and has thereby become a ridiculous lie, all the elements of which come from the description of the Dalai Lama-led group of secessionists. Such a lie has further been rooted in people's minds by the values of Western countries and their repulsion against China's rise.

Tibetan separatists have frequently been filing suits in US and European courts but gained little as they expected. However, they made it when they met with this judge who is probably eager to make headlines. It could be regarded as a coincidence but is not so accidental. American judges will be reluctant to make such a ruling because China will react furiously if they do. Nonetheless, it is likely for such unusual incidents to happen in Spain, a small and frivolous member of the West. It tends to highlight its self-presence by allowing oddities. By doing so, it is immune from assuming any political responsibility.

Not only China but also the West thinks it somewhat ridiculous for a Spanish judge to challenge the emerging Middle Kingdom. However, there is no denying that some Westerners are pleased to see the judge of this maverick kind. As bystanders, conservative forces just watch the scene.

China is growing at an unprecedentedly fast pace and will inevitably induce many calculating manipulators who intend to gain fame or profit by provoking the nation, but China's moderate response to such willful troublemakers has made them think it is harmless to continue with such instigation.

In actuality Spain, which didn't get rid of fascism until 1975, has a quite lousy and nasty history by playing a role in colonialism, racial discrimination and persecution of left-wing forces during its past.

It has no right to throw its weight around the world by the most radical of "international trials."

Tibet is an inalienable part of China and its affairs are decided by the Chinese people.

Chinese leaders will never compromise to Dalai Lama nor sell its interests under Western pressure.

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