‘No containment’ to be tested by time

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-2-15 0:58:02

During John Kerry's visit to China on Friday, the US Secretary of State said the US welcomes China's peaceful rise and has no intention to contain China, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

No matter whether what Kerry said is true if compared to past US actions, the clear demonstration of the stance is welcome.

There have been continuing concerns in China about China being "contained" by the US. Many of the recent US moves have been strengthening such concerns. Since the US asserted its "pivot" to the Asia Pacific, the situation surrounding China has become troubled. Japan has been moving to the right, with Shinzo Abe becoming more daring in challenging China, while the Philippines is also jumping up and down over the territorial disputes, and the US influence behind them certainly has a role.

The US has been insisting that it will not contain China. Even though this sometimes contradicts Chinese perceptions, it will create a good atmosphere for a better relationship between both countries.

China has been going all out to become part of a globalized world. The US is clear about that, though its China policies are not always hitting the right points.

The US is not actively confronting China, but nor is it actively cooperating with us.

Analysts sum up the US' China strategy as engagement while keeping on guard. The US have become increasingly sensitive in the past few years, and particularly more suspicious about China. Chinese people often think the US acts differently from what it says. This reflects the US suspicions over China.

The increasing suspicion of each other has resulted in growing risks and cost in the China-US relationship. The US is the one who made the relationship knotty to begin with, it will benefit itself if it unties these tangles.

The two countries have been trying to build a new type of major-country relationship. While some old ways of thinking, such as containment and alertness, still exist, new things are also developing. Although we are not clear what the new things are, the two countries must try them out jointly. More exchanges between the two countries' leaders are necessary and mutually beneficial

As long as China shows its sincerity in pursuing peaceful rise, the US and other countries will find no excuse to strategically contain China.

Kerry did say something to pressure China as US politicians always do. But he also reasonably exchanged ideas with Chinese leaders and showed some good faith. His positive remarks about the US not to contain China will at least have some impact on Washington's behavior for a while. We are not demanding too much.

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