Bunny-face girl meme goes viral

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-2-16 20:33:02

A sophomore at Beijing Language and Culture University recently published an online series of photos of her making bunny faces much to the amusement of Chinese Net users.

The student who named herself online only as "Cora," exposed her two front teeth, flared her nostrils and turned her eyes this way and that to mimic nine different expressions that include happy, unhappy, angry and scared.

Cora said that she had been feeling bored the last few days, and so decided to take the photos.

Chiming in on the photos Net user Abo wrote, "I could barely keep from laughing."

Net user Zhainü wrote, "She really looks like a rabbit. Her cute actions hit all the right funny points."

Some Net users have also begun posting their own bunny face photos.

Meanwhile some Net users have asked Cora to try squirrel, goldfish and cat. To which Cora replied she would need more practice.

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