S.African authorities crack down on illegal circumcision

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-2-24 0:23:01

South African authorities on Saturday launched a crackdown on illegal circumcision, rescuing over 80 teenagers.

In the operation jointly conducted by police and a team of local government officials, an illegal circumcision operation in the Sannieshof area, North West Province was swooped upon.

More than 80 teenagers were rescued. Many of them were suffering from hypothermia and dehydration. Of them, 10 were in serious condition, according to sources at Sannieshof Hospital.

During the circumcision process, many teenagers collapsed due to appalling conditions, Doctor Obi Onyensoh said.

He said the teenagers all came in with severe pain, and two had to transfer to the nearby Klerksdorp Hospital because they had suffered complete amputation of the penis.

Illegal circumcision claims many lives in South Africa every year. About 300 teenagers have died in the past five years, while 2,000 have suffered serious injuries, according to figures cited by the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

According to local custom, circumcision is viewed as a traditional rite of passage for a young boy to enter manhood.

Traditional leaders and local authorities are planning a campaign to ensure circumcisions meet stringent health and safety standards.


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