Moment of netizen: Boss gives day off to watch TV series finale

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-2-27 21:58:03

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Boss gives day off to watch TV series finale

A Net user claimed that a company in Xiamen, Fujian Province granted its employees a day off to watch the season finale of Korean TV drama, You Who Came From The Stars.

The manager's curiosity was piqued when employees requested a day off work to watch the season finale. After watching the show, the manager became immediately hooked and granted their request, according to the post.

Another company was rumored online to have offered unlimited fried chicken and free beer to its employees if female character Cheon Song-Yi didn't hook up with professor Do Min Joon, played by heartthrob Kim Soo-hyun.

Some Net users showed their support to the company boss behavior. "Life is too good," said Zaidengshenxia, while TengguYuki joked, "The boss must be a hardcore Korean drama fan."

However, many doubted the story's veracity. AKBdubianyuancheng posted, "Something doesn't seem right about this."

The series has catapulted actor Kim to stardom in the Chinese mainland. Some 100 fans of the 26-year-old celebrity took out a full-page advertisement in The Beijing News on February 14 to wish Kim a happy Valentine's Day and a happy birthday on February 16.

He will appear a Chinese remake of the program in the works for Jiangsu TV.

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