7 arrested for recruiting Albanians to fight in Syria

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-3-12 8:33:54

Albania arrested seven Muslims on Tuesday on suspicion of being involved in recruitment of Albanian citizens to fight in Syria with rebel groups.

The head of Serious Crimes Prosecution Office Eugen Beci and State Police director Artan Didi reported at a news conference that the suspects are charged with recruiting people for terrorist acts, incitement, public appeal and propaganda about terrorist activities.

Beci informed that police forces found in two suspects' house mobile phones, a series of bank account contracts, a number of religious books, camouflage backpacks,two grenades, a Kallashnikov-type machine gun, four cartridge clips, hundreds of bullets of 7.62 calibre, a knife as well as two hand-held radios.

The prosecution office stated that they are suspected of indoctrinating different people into radical ideology to later engage in fighting for extremist terrorist groups banned by the UN, and they are suspected of actions in recruitment and sending several Albanian citizens to Syria.

About two-thirds of Albania's 3.2 million inhabitants are Muslims. Albanian government and religious leaders have appealed to believers not to join extremist terrorist groups in Syria.

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