Russia stages air force drill in northwest

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-3-19 23:10:55

The Russian air force has started large-scale drills in the west of the country, a defense official said Wednesday.

"During these exercises, the wings of frontline SU-34 and SU-34M bombers will relocate from their bases in (Central Russia's) Voronezh and (Far North's) Murmansk regions to the airfield in (north-western republic of) Karelia," spokesman for the Western military district Oleg Kochetkov told reporters.

According to the officer, over 40 warplanes' crews will train their skills of bomb-striking of the conventional enemy's ground convoys as well as of fire supporting for advancing friendly motor-infantry and armored units.

Jet fighters SU-27, MIG-31 and transportation planes AN-12, AN-26 of four regiments will also participate in the war games, which are to last until the end of the month.

Last week, Russia had conducted massive exercises of airborne troops in its southwestern regions, including those bordering Ukraine, and deployed six SU-27 fighters and three military transport jets of the Western military district to Belarus.

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