Fidesz victory keeps extreme parties from definitive role: Hungarian PM

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-4-8 9:21:39

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Monday told an international news conference that his victory is a guarantee against either the far left or far right taking a definitive role in Hungarian politics.

Orban's Fidesz-KDNP conservative alliance won re-election by a sizable margin on Sunday.

The Hungarian people, he said, rejected hatred in that they did not vote for the parties professing hatred, and also said "no" to leaving the European Union, part of the election platform of the far right Jobbik party.

Asked whether he was concerned that two seats in parliament were still undecided and could cost his party its two-thirds majority, Orban said it was unimportant to him, adding that his party has been given a clear mandate to continue its work.

The provisional breakdown of the 199 seats in parliament gives 133 to Fidesz party, 38 to the left-wing coalition, 23 to Jobbik, and five to the green LMP.

However, the balance of votes in two districts was too close to call and will likely depend on absentee ballots, cast at Hungarian embassies throughout the world by Hungarian residents currently living abroad.

The unofficial final results are expected on or after April 12.

Orban told the news conference that the voters had approved his new legal system, constitution, economic policy which he promised to continue, and the conservative governance which was in harmony with the European Parliament's European People's Party. Along these lines he announced that a special tax targeting banks would be retained.

Regarding Hungary's position in the EU, Orban said it is not anything extraordinary. Hungary does not have more conflicts with the EU than any other country, he added.

Orban announced that the cabinet would meet on Wednesday, but formal appointments would have to wait until the election was declared official.

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