Man ends bizarre love triangle with girlfriend and plush toy, seeks damages

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-4-9 23:48:02

A man in Wuhan, Hubei Province is seeking 40,000 yuan ($6,450) in compensation for mental anguish from his former girlfriend for her insisting on bringing her plush toy, Snoopy, along on dates over their four-year relationship.

Fang Yan (pseudonym) claims his 22-year-old ex, Wu Yan (pseudonym), would demand that he buy Snoopy a ticket at the movies and order extra food for it at restaurants.

Fang said he gained an extra 10 kilograms from eating Snoopy's unfinished meals.

He claimed things escalated when Wu slapped him in public for throwing the plaything in anger after refusing to take it to the bathroom.

Fang decided to end the relationship.

Though he is currently seeking damages, lawyers say Fang has a dog's chance in court.

Wuhan Morning Post

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