China tops foreign investors in Nepal

Source:Xinhua Published: 2014-4-11 8:51:25

Of the total number of foreign investors doing business in Nepal, investors from China are of the largest number, a government report said on Thursday.

According to a report released by Department of Industry (DoI), a government agency that approves foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Himalayan country, 1,260 Chinese investors and firms have introduced investment projects in Nepal since the country accepted FDI.

The number of Chinese investors alone makes 30 percent of the total foreign investors running different firms in Nepal. A total of 4,129 individual foreign investors and firms have been doing business in Nepal.

Indian investors come after Chinese in terms of number. So far, 708 investors from Indian have brought in their investment here in Nepal which is 17 percent of the total foreign investors.

However, in terms of investment amount, Indian investors top the chart. Nepal has received a sum of 1.25 billion US dollars from Indian investors in different 581 industries so far. While, Chinese investors have brought in 160 million US dollars in FDI through 632 industries so far in Nepal.

Following China and India, significant number of investors from the United States, South Korea, Japan, UK, Germany, France and Netherlands, among others has brought in their money to do business in Nepal.

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