Chinese Internet slang added to Urban Dictionary

Source:New Express Published: 2014-4-21 0:43:01

Domestic media recently lauded the addition of "no zuo no die" and other Chinese Internet expressions to the Urban Dictionary, the online tome of English-language slang. 

The most recent addition, "you can you up," was added on April 9, which is defined as a "response to criticism" meaning "if you can do it then you should go up and do it." 

Similar expressions include "no zuo no die," which means "if you don't do stupid things, they won't come back and bite you in the ass. (But if you do, they most certainly will)." The term has received more than 3,450 "likes" since January 15. 

The grammarless English phrases, whose origins are indicated as "Chinglish" in the entries, are used verbatim among Chinese Net users.

Other previous Chinglish words found in the dictionary include "gelivable" (awesome) and "zhuangbility" (to boast).

The dictionary boasts over 7 million entries of obscure user-generated content.

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