Granny nags her way out of kidnapping Published: 2014-5-3 19:44:01

A 94-year-old woman saved herself from abduction after she annoyed her kidnapper so much with her incessant nagging that she was let go. 

Police in Taiwan detained the suspect after the victim, surnamed Chou, gave her kidnapper the slip as she relieved herself in a gas station bathroom, according to local media May 2. 

Chou was taken into a vehicle near her home in New Taipei City for what would be a four-hour ordeal. 

The kidnapper demanded NT$ 7 million ($231,730) from family members for her release, but his plans were thwarted by Chou's knack for nagging and stalling. 

After providing false contact information, Chou drove her kidnapper crazy with constant complaints about her illnesses and pain. The suspect stopped at a pharmacy to buy Chou medicine.

The sassy nonagenarian also had something to say about man's choice of profession.

"This is not the right way to earn money," Chou said. "You still have a long way to go, but I do not have much left."

It turns out that Chou is a matriarch of a wealthy family, is of sharp mind and good health and has her own nurse. She takes a walk every morning, said the report.

Chou's family gave a lukewarm response to the kidnapper's demands.  

"She is in old age. You'd better take good care of her. You'll have enough trouble if something bad happened to her," a family member reportedly told the kidnapper.

The suspect told police he needed money to pay a business debt. No charges have yet been pressed, according to the report.


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