Pair caught growing pot near police headquarters

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-5-28 22:03:14

Two men were arrested on Saturday for growing marijuana in a building only about 100 meters away from police headquarters in Taichung, Taiwan.

Following a two-day stakeout, a police raid of the suspects rented home on Saturday revealed 161 cannabis plants between 50 to 60 centimeters tall, each carrying a street value of NT$6,000 ($199), reported the Taiwan-based United Daily News.

The pair, surnamed Cheng and Tsai, said they purposefully chose to grow their stash in close proximity to police HQ, saying that "the most dangerous place is usually the safest," said the report.

The conspicuous duo reportedly used Mercedez-Benzes to transport the marijuana, along with fertilizer and necessary equipment, to and from the location.

Police also confiscated documentation written in English and Chinese explaining how to grow cannabis indoors.

The suspects told police they had traveled to Canada to learn the growing process, said the report.

Zhang and Tsai are being held in accordance with anti-drug laws.

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