Congress’ malevolent bill falls on deaf ears

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-5-30 0:18:01

The US House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday, condemning China's human rights situation. The bill brought up again the 1989 political incident in Tiananmen Square and criticized China for its measures to safeguard social stability. It also called on the International Political Bureau of the US to gather information on China and urged the White House to put the human right issue at the top of its agenda in dialogues with Beijing. The House, which usually witnesses endless wrangling, nearly unanimously approved the resolution attacking China.

During the past decades, Washington has adopted countless anti-China bills, which have constituted an important element in Sino-US relations and manifested the views of the US elite on China. Nevertheless, they can't represent the bilateral ties. Basically speaking, China has taken no notice toward all these noises from the US Congress.

In actuality, the more malevolently the US Congress reproaches China and the more unscrupulous demands it makes, the more averse the Chinese mainstream society will feel. The members of the US Congress have helped shape Chinese people's understanding of the US to a certain degree.

Beijing's contempt at Washington's criticism and attack has helped it develop into a big winner of social competition during the past 20 to 30 years. Back to the early 1990s, most Chinese people were struggling to shake off poverty. They never imagined that they would one day drive their own cars, possess personal property or plan to travel. 

Today we are living in another "China" where our rights have incredibly been improved in a fundamental way. Meanwhile, many developing nations that had blindly followed Washington's tricks consequently suffered miserable turmoil or even warfare and were bogged down in social development.

 China's success has even enriched the connotation of "reform" while words like "revolution" and "spring" have been blurred in their meaning after being used to refer to so many cases that ended up in failure.

For example, Ukraine is a pious follower of the West as well as a vivid tragedy, which, in addition to incidents in the former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and the Middle East, has touched the Chinese society more than any human rights resolution passed by the US Congress. With a long history of civilization, the Chinese people are capable of identifying risks and recognizing the best way for achievements.

The rascally varmints in the US Congress aim higher by approving the latest anti-China bill and attacking Beijing's effort for social stability.

They attempt to ravage China's social order by conveying to certain forces in China that they will support their activities.

Now the US Congress has become a garbage heap filled with various anti-China sentiments. It is necessary for the representatives to reflect on themselves and become fully aware of the bitter consequences of their actions.

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