Squatter caught secretly living in man’s attic for three months

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-6-9 20:53:15

A homeless man was detained in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province after living undetected in the storage space above a man's apartment for three months.

The resident of the apartment, surnamed Wang, became suspicious of the creeper as he slowly noticed money and other items missing from his home despite no signs of breaking and entering.

Wang alerted police on May 29 after finding his door was locked from the inside.

Police discovered a hole in Wang's kitchen ceiling, which leads to the attic of the three-story apartment building.

The homeless man, identified as surnamed Zeng of Jiangxi Province, was discovered living in the crawlspace.

Zeng told police that he had nowhere to live since March and took up residence in the space above Wang's apartment, which he accessed from the outside. He split his time between Wang's and a neighbor's home, Zeng explained.

The man was found to have taken around 2,000 yuan ($320) in cash from the apartment, and apparently made use of the kitchen to cook for himself while Wang was out.

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