Popularity surges for cartoon image collage app

Source:Ecns.cn Published: 2014-6-10 13:59:02

An app named "MYOTee Lian Meng" (cute face) has become a sudden sensation all over social networks in China.

The app allows users to select from a wide variety of built-in templates for different parts of the face, and the completed images can be shared directly from the app to social networks. It saw an increase of five million users last Friday, with the number of total users reaching 20 million.

The overwhelming response has inspired the team which runs the app, most of whom were born after the 90s. Guo Lie, the CEO of the team, said young netizens are seeking a unique way of self-expression, as social networks are already integrated into their daily lives. The personalized comic avatars just meet their demands, she added.

However, it is still early to predict the future of the app, as a similar one made by Canadian IT engineers called Bitstrips was popular for just a short period.

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