The list of Top 10 children’s books in May:

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-6-11 19:53:01

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Starting this month, the Global Times will offer readers a monthly list of top books in different categories as suggestions for your book shelf. List data is provided by Openbook, a leading research institute that collects data within the publishing industry. The company established its national book retail market monitoring system in 1998 and currently covers over 2,000 bookstores in China.

Since its start in 2011, the Charlie IX & Dodomo series by children's book writer Leon Image has won the hearts of numerous kids throughout China. Combining various appealing situations such as adventure, mystery and gaming, the series has become a new favorite next to the traditional fairy tales of Anderson or the Brothers Grimm.

Taking seven spots on the Top 10 list, the series underlines the rise of domestic children's books in recent years despite the intense competition brought by the mass introduction of foreign children's books.

The list of Top 10 children's books in May

Charlie IX Dodomo: Wedding Dress of Ghost Princess


The Diary of A Cat - The Child from an Alien Planet


Charlie IX Dodomo: King Solomon's Ring


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