Moment of netizen: School textbooks to include Jay Chou lyrics

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-6-15 21:58:01

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School textbooks to include Jay Chou lyrics

The latest version of textbooks for primary school students in China will include pop song lyrics as reading selections, China Youth Daily reported on Sunday, a move that prompted both cheers and jeers from crowds online.

The textbook for third graders will include the lyrics of Taiwanese pop idol Jay Chou's 2001 hit song "Snail," in which the shelled hero fulfills its dream of reaching the sky through a relentless determination and desire to succeed.

"Snail" is not the only song being included in the textbooks. "Tianlu," a song about the recently laid Qinghai-Tibet Railway performed by PLA singer Han Hong during the 2005 Spring Festival Gala, also will be included a the poetry textbook for second graders.

Language and Literature Press, affiliated with the Ministry of Education, has been compiling the latest versions of Chinese textbooks since last July, some of which are still awaiting approval from authorities.

While some applauded the  decision, others complained it steers focus away from literary masterpieces more worthy of students' attention.

"If students like those songs, they can listen after class. They should study real literature such as Chinese poems or stories in Chinese class. The textbooks should promote more Chinese literature," wrote datouxingren, in a popular Sina Weibo post.

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