HK ‘referendum’ illegal and useless

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-6-21 0:03:01

The so-called referendum organized by opposition activists in Hong Kong aims to push for reform in the 2017 election of the Special Administrative Region's (SAR) next leader - the organizers are calling for public nomination of candidates instead of them being nominated by a committee as stipulated by the Basic Law.

The SAR government has made it clear that the "referendum" is illegal, and that the result of the vote is not legally binding.

The voting campaign is actually a means by which opposition groups seek attention, so as to mobilize the people for a new round of confrontation against the central government.

The central government issued a white paper earlier this month to clarify misunderstandings toward the concept of the "One Country, Two Systems" applied in the relationships between Hong Kong and the central government.

The opposition groups, who refuse to accept the essence of the Basic Law and the white paper, are trying to use the "referendum" and "Occupy Central" movement to scare off the central government.

There seems to be some troubles in Hong Kong. But the central government does not have to panic, as it has enough maneuvering space to handle these troubles.

The "One Country, Two Systems" promise allows the capitalist system to continue in Hong Kong, and the central government can tolerate a certain degree of social disorder. In the meantime, the central government has the ability to draw a line and send a clear message to the opposition groups: there is no way to scare the central government.

People in the mainland would like to see the success of "One Country, Two Systems," which is a face-lifting project for the country. But the Hong Kong opposition should not expect the "face" factor to influence the central government's handling of the Hong Kong issue.

The Hong Kong activists thought what they are doing may create unbearable embarrassment for the country. But China has become used to "embarrassments" created by Western media. The trouble in Hong Kong will not lead to any retreat by the central government.

If the activists really move ahead with Occupy Central and disable the financial center of Hong Kong, the local residents and business people will disagree and will welcome the central government's action to restore order.

The activists are destined to hit a wall, or the interests of Hong Kong. The Occupy movement appears to be popular among some people, but it is only the appearance. Only the majority's will can represent the basic interests of Hong Kong, which will be protected by the central government with plenty of resources.

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