Police arrests follow Hong Kong’s rule of law

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-7-3 22:33:01

Some 500 protesters were arrested by Hong Kong police during the rehearsal of  "Occupy Central," which was an illegal assembly after the approved July 1 demonstration. These protesters were all released on Wednesday evening.

The Hong Kong police adopted entirely different approaches toward the July 1 demonstration and the "Occupy Central" rehearsal. They offered security assistance to the former, but cleared the compound when the latter happened.

Such a clear-cut stand of Hong Kong's law enforcement shows the very essence of Hong Kong society: the rule of law.

However, the reactions of the radicals of the Hong Kong opposition raised our eyebrows. They admitted that the assembly to occupy Central after the July 1 demonstration was an illegal activity, but they insisted on doing so. Such recklessness shows their gangster-like logic, implying that they represent the law.

Western media took a lopsided stance for the protesters on this issue. In their eyes, it seems that rule of law and social stability are no longer necessary to Hong Kong. As long as the central government is targeted, any violent and preposterous activities will be met with approval.

Hong Kong is in a dangerous situation because the radical factions in the Hong Kong opposition are trying to override Hong Kong's rule of law and make themselves the replacement. Spats caused by different sense of values are commonplace around the world, but any debates must be confined within the framework of the rule of law. Or the prevalence of the law of the jungle will produce disorder.

According to the "one country, two systems" policy, it was on the basis of Hong Kong's laws that the local police arrested these protesters. The law enforcements are anything but the tyranny which was cursed by these protesters.

Hong Kong's stability and prosperity is desired by both the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong itself.

The Hong Kong police dealing with this case in such a decisive and resolute manner does not only comply with the law, but also reinforces the determination of the Hong Kong government to safeguard Hong Kong's rule of law.

Hong Kong will probably be confronted with a course of political disturbances in the near future. At this critical moment, it is vital to make sure Hong Kong's rule of law is as dominant and effective as usual. If the foundation was shaken, Hong Kong would likely fall into chaos like Ukraine and Thailand.

We have to warn Hong Kong society that it must stay clear-minded when political rhetoric is rife in daily life.

The integrity of rule of law is the backbone of Hong Kong society. Whoever shatters it will be condemned and antagonized by Hong Kong at large.

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