‘Condom’ ice pops condemned

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-7-16 20:08:01

Ice pops packaged in a condom-like wrapper that have popped up in Shenyang, Liaoning Province are facing stiff criticism online and from local parents.

Branded as "Bubble Cream," the pops are packaged in a rubber sheath that requires tasters to bite through the tip.

Controversy sparked after a Net user surnamed Jiang posted photos of children were buying the prophylactic treat from an ice cream stand in Faku county on his Sina Weibo account.

"I was stunned that it looked just like a condom," said Jiang, "I would feel embarrassed to eat it as an adult, let alone giving it to a child. How can they sell products like that to children?"

Local parents also have a bone to pick with the pop.

"I don't know how to explain to my kid why he shouldn't eat it. He's so little. It's really embarrassing," said the father of a primary school student surnamed Wang.

The producer of the ice pop, a licensed factory in Jilin Province, was unavailable for comment.

Shenyang Evening News

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