New bank underscores BRICS unity

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-7-17 0:13:01

The BRICS New Development Bank was established Tuesday with an initial capital of $50 billion shared equally by the five BRICS countries. The Contingent Reserve Arrangement was also launched with an initial fund of $100 billion. The development bank's headquarters will be in Shanghai. Its first president will be from India, the first chair of the board of directors from Brazil and the first chair of the board of governors from Russia. The bank will have an African regional branch in South Africa.

The idea of a BRICS bank was first mooted by India. The five countries reached a consensus at last year's BRICS summit and the bank has been launched this year. The fast pace and its implications have created waves in the West. This landmark event shows that BRICS countries have turned from a forum to an entity and may signal a new beginning for global strategic trends.

The five emerging powers from four continents have formed a financial group. Prior to that, the world's financial power was held firmly by Americans and Europeans.

Without exception, Western opinions have all been centered on the deep-rooted discrepancies among the five BRICS nations. They didn't expect that the wishes and ability of the five countries to overcome these discrepancies were so strong.

Has the world's financial pattern changed? We cannot say this yet, but the old pattern in which the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund dominated the field will face competition from now on.

The BRICS bank not only forms a new financing channel, but also will display the democracy and equality that the old financial pattern lacks most.

Western opinions have tried to drive a wedge among BRICS countries and have speculated about China's hegemonic ambition to dominate the institution. The successful launch of the bank has dealt a heavy blow to them.

Western elites have expressed opinions on emerging countries with a biased mentality, which makes their views detached from reality.

That Shanghai is chosen to site the bank headquarters is good news. Shanghai is becoming a new geographic and financial center in the 21st century. It unites the development momentum of the whole of China and is a major international metropolis in the Western Pacific. It is bound to be an outstanding host city.

On the other hand, the opening of the BRICS bank will provide a new driving force for Shanghai.

China's reform and opening-up in the past 30 years have created huge potentials for this city, while the stage where it can display its strength is relatively small. The BRICS bank is a timely opportunity which will broaden the scope of Shanghai and boost its influence.

China is the most outstanding country among all the emerging powers. The launch of the BRICS bank with Shanghai as its headquarters is a testament to China's national strength, diplomatic capabilities and strategic position. The confidence of all the emerging countries will be boosted. The five nations used to be earthen BRICS, and with the development bank, they will truly become gold BRICS.

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