Wolf-dog scared child to death, says parent

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-7-20 20:48:02

A 5-year-old girl allegedly died of fright after an encounter with a large dog in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province, said family members.

Xiao Ying (pseudonym) was pronounced dead upon arrival at Xianyang Xixiang Hospital on July 16. Doctors found no wounds and the precise cause of death remains unclear.

The family was eating dinner at an outdoor countryside restaurant when Xiao Ying crossed paths with a large wolf-dog on her way back from the toilet with her aunt.

"[The] dog suddenly jumped out on her way back and she suffered a bad shock," said her father surnamed Zhao.

"I rushed over to find my girl foaming at the mouth and her pants were soaked from the scare," said Zhao.

It was unclear from the report if the dog was leashed.

Zhao said the path to the toilet was unlit and Xiao Ying was overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of the dog.

The restaurant has since been abandoned. Local police are investigating the case.

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