New poll takes HK radicals off high horse

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-7-28 0:33:01

A petition conducted by the Alliance for Peace and Democracy in Hong Kong opposing the recent Occupy Central campaign has now reached 930,000 signatures, as of Sunday night. It exceeded the 780,000-strong signatures collected by Hong Kong opposition groups endorsing their Occupy Central event. Leung Chun-ying, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, also announced to the public that he would sign a petition against Occupy Central.

This is the first time that a pro-establishment camp has launched such a high-profile poll on the streets, and the response it got overtook that of the pan-democracy camp, which had been claiming itself as the representative of Hong Kong public opinion.

Now the anti-Occupy Central campaign has revealed the pluralism of Hong Kong society, and dealt a heavy blow to these pan-democracy groups, which are obsessed with hi-jacking public opinion to pursue their own interests.

The immediate conclusion we can get from this poll is that the majority of Hongkongers are in favor of social stability. Many analysts also believe that the result of the so-called Occupy Central referendum in late June was exaggerated. Mainstream society has a mild position on the 2017 general election.

Some worry that Hong Kong might be mired in a social split as two groups will engage in a tit-for-tat struggle after the two signature campaigns. But we believe it is a necessary and timely effort to reveal the true image of Hong Kong's public opinion. It will produce more positive influences than negative.

In transitional societies, the trump card held by radical opposition groups is public opinion, in the name of which they fire aggressively at governments and mainstream societies. Hong Kong, a highly-developed business community, has been beset by these people in recent years.

The opposition groups have created a false image of Hong Kong to the outside world - a place where people have lost faith in the central government and Hong Kong's political reform, and the majority will fight for "freedom and democracy" at all costs, even at the cost of Hong Kong's stability and prosperity.

This misinformation has distorted the true image of Hong Kong. Hong Kong seems to have changed into an irrational and extreme society, which has posed grave threats to political reform.

Sometimes, social harmony can only be acquired through competition, and the logic is also applicable in Hong Kong.

Facing the growing street politics which disguises itself with the veneer of public opinion, mainstream society should gain the upper hand to voice their opinions and make the opposition groups go back to where they belong.

Hong Kong is a city of hope, and the mainland will never cease to be its supporter. Considering that social distractions keep increasing within the society, it is time that Hong Kong's real public opinion should be heard, even if it is via the methods that the opposition groups used to employ.

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