Zhou case shows firm anti-graft resolve

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-7-30 1:08:01

The CPC Central Committee announced on Tuesday that Zhou Yongkang, former member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and former secretary of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee of the CPC Central Committee, had been put under investigation.

This announcement was embraced with applause from the public, but without surprise. This was because there have been several publicized cases of corruption in which his relatives and underlings were involved, all of which pointed to Zhou. Public opinion already presumed that Zhou was the big tiger behind the scenes, and the announcement is the first official response to such presumptions.

The effect of Zhou's downfall will be felt profoundly in Chinese society. As the first Political Bureau Standing Committee member, retired or sitting, to be investigated in this anti-corruption campaign, this news has dramatically changed many people's thoughts on how far this campaign will continue. Now it has become more convincing that China's rule of law will not pass by any violators of the law, regardless of their ranks and high positions.

Zhou is a retired member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. The investigation into him displays a serious attitude towards crimes, regardless of whether the perpetrator has retired. If people commit a crime, it is only a matter of time before they are pursued by Party discipline and the law.

The rollercoaster life of Zhou is thought-provoking. His case will force many people to rethink definitions of power, glory and happiness.

Zhou dug his own grave, and his misdeeds have caused a loss to the country. His relatives and underlings also followed him to a bitter end. We hope to hear his confession to the Party and the country in the following legal proceedings.

Zhou's case still deserves to receive a lot of attention as follow-up details are revealed. Chinese judicial organs showed a certain transparency to the public when they dealt with Bo Xilai's case, and we hope they can improve this in regard to Zhou's case. Western public opinion tends to distort China's anti-corruption progress, and timely revelations and a trial exactly according to the law are the best responses.

Zhou's investigation shows the gravity of corruption in Chinese society, but more importantly, it reveals the zero tolerance stance of the Chinese leadership toward corruption. This requires a joint effort by both the central government and society, coming up with a new consensus to fight corruption.

The anti-corruption campaign has powerfully driven forward China's judicial construction, and has become a defining moment of China's reform endeavors. A minority of people are resisting the campaign, but it has received overwhelming support from the public. Investigations of major cases have become smoother.

The downfall of Zhou will not be the end of anti-corruption campaign. It is an outdated mindset to think that the campaign is only meant to "kill the chicken to scare the monkey." Corruption-related investigations have gone much deeper since the 18th CPC National Congress. The anti-graft drive will continue, coupled with institutional improvements. Any kind of graft will not escape the punishment of the most systematic and serious strike against corruption yet.

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