‘Love the Party’ removed from code for students

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-8-2 0:03:01

New revisions to the code of behavior for primary and middle school students no longer require them to "love the Chinese people and love the Communist Party of China (CPC)."

A new draft of the code of behavior for primary and middle school students will be open for public opinion online till August 20, after the Ministry of Education (MOE) published the draft online on Friday.

As well as taking out the demand to love the Party and the public, the new code has also erased general phrases about self-respect and confidence and replaced them with more specific directives.

Meanwhile, more specific rules have been added. For patriotism, the code now states that students should be aware of Chinese history and salute at flag-raising ceremonies.

Students are required to practice garbage classification and live a low-carbon life, while the new code also prohibits them from smoking and drinking as well as Internet abuse.

It also encourages students to express their opinion and listen attentively in class.

The MOE launched the revision work on the code of behavior in 2012, starting a public debate. The current code, published in 2004, was deemed out of date and impractical among many Net users, especially after comparison with students' codes of behavior in other countries that emphasize self-protection rather than patriotism or loyalty to the Party.

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