Boyfriend charged for throwing acid in ex’s face

Source:Chinese Business View Published: 2014-8-31 20:03:01

A procuratorate in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province pressed a case against a man accused of purposefully splashing sulfuric acid on his ex-girlfriend's face in order to win her back, media reported Sunday.

The surnamed Wang confessed to dousing the woman with the flesh-eating acid so that other men would not find her attractive and she would return to him.

The victim, surnamed Zhang, suffered secondary chemical burns to her right eye and multiple scars to her face.

Their fatal attraction began when Zhang met Wang in August last year and he quickly proposed marriage.

After refusing his proposal, Wang lashed back with a series of vindictive and violent attacks aiming to disfigure Zhang.

He reportedly hired a man in January to splash boiling hot water on Zhang's face.

Wang then attempted to attack Zhang at her home a few days later, this time with battery acid, but failed.

The procurator warned that those in new relationships must learn to better protect themselves and not reveal their address before getting to know each other better.

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