Man offers 1m yuan in cash to qualified ‘adopted mom’ Published: 2014-8-31 20:13:01

A man offers 1 million yuan ($162,000) to the qualified woman willing to be his adopted mother in Fanghu Park, Sichuan Province, on Saturday. Photo: IC

A man offering 1 million yuan ($162,000) in search for a woman to be his adopted mother in Sichuan Province has netizens and media questioning his motives.

Photos show the unidentified man, who appears to be in his 30s, holding a large red lantern displaying his phone number, a red sign and a basin full of cash in Fanghu Park, Guanghan on Saturday.

Some witnesses claimed the banknotes appeared to be real, according to a report.

Qualified applicants should be at least 57 years old, well-educated, no history of drug use and travel experience abroad, according to the sign.

"Whether we have a connection depends on the 'magnetism' between us," read the sign.

It is still unclear as to why the man is seeking a godmother.

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