Buddhist chants help rice grow

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-9-8 21:08:01

A village in East China's Fujian Province has boosted rice production by playing recordings of soothing Buddhist music in their fields, media reported on Sunday.

Residents of Liangshan village claimed output has grown by 15 percent since they began broadcasting mantras and other chants on 500 lotus flower-shaped speakers placed in the rice paddies.

The 400-mu (26.7-hectare) area with the installed speakers also yielded overall larger grains, while paddies where recordings are not played suffered from pests, local agriculture authorities said.

While Net users suggested the move was a public stunt, the village may not only have Buddha's blessing, but also have science on their side.

Experts from China Agricultural University pointed out that certain sound waves, such as those found in the rhythmic chanting of mantras, can stimulate the pores on a plant's leaves to help better absorb sunlight.

Only positive music aids growth, while rock music would probably harm it, said a local agriculture officer.

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