Beijing has ‘never shut down’ overseas websites

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-10-31 0:53:01

China has never shut down any overseas websites and its management over websites aims to protect China's national security and consumers' interests, said Lu Wei, director of the State Internet Information Office at a press conference on Thursday.

This response came after a reporter asked why the social networking site Facebook has been blocked in China.

"We welcome anyone to come to China. We cannot change others, but we have the right to choose our friends," said Lu.

"I hope anyone who comes to China will be our real friend," Lu added.

Lu also denied previous media reports saying that "Facebook can never be admitted to China," but he also said that "this does not mean that Facebook can enter into China."

He said that if foreign Internet companies want to come to China, they should not harm China's national interest or the consumers' interests, adding that China will never allow any company to "occupy" China's market and earn money in China while doing things that hurt the country.

In response to another question that "China has strengthened its efforts to delete online posts or shut down accounts on the Internet," Lu said that he did not feel this way.

Lu said that China will manage cyberspace based on the rule of law.

He also said that management regulations over mobile applications will be issued as some applications had harmed the rights and interest of Net users.

He stressed at the conference that China will strengthen management over applications, which is also an important part of the legalization of cyberspace.

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