CPC command of military must be upheld

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-11-3 0:03:01

The military political work conference was held in the township of Gutian, Fujian Province last week. Eighty-five years ago, the famous Gutian Conference was held there, which stipulated the basic principle of the Party leading the military. Today, the military political work conference sends a clear signal.

Reiterating the principle of the Party leading the military was the core of Chinese President and chairman of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Military Commission Xi Jinping's speech at Gutian. In recent years, calls to nationalize the People's Liberation Army (PLA) have become increasingly popular. But given the development of the Party and the military since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, such calls should end.

The principle of the Party leading the military is known to all Chinese. Some people claim that since the military belongs to the country, such a principle has no legal basis. These people have obviously been influenced by the West and they are echoed by people from within China.

If the West wants to create disturbances in China, nothing is more effective than weakening the CPC's leadership. The West has penetrated into many agendas, such as questioning the source of the legality of CPC's rule. Nationalization of the military is also one of these topics. It directly advocates depriving the Party's leadership of the military and shaking the foundation of the Party's power.

The latest Gutian conference strangled such calls. One week ago, the fourth plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee stressed the combination of the Party's leadership and the rule of law. The Party has been resolute in the anti-corruption campaign and reforms. These do not weaken the Party's leadership, but instead, they have consolidated the Party's governance. China and its people are the real winners of the country's reforms. Those who try to diminish the Party's rule will be the losers.

The principle of the Party leading the military has been tested for over 80 years. It is this principle that has helped the CPC-led military to survive severe revolutionary conditions and temporary military frustrations. It is both conceited and naïve to overthrow it with a few ideals from the West.

After the establishment of New China, the CPC has experienced an unfavorable ruling environment for a long time, however, the PLA, as an important force for keeping external peace and supporting internal unity, has shared the same vision with the Party, country and people for over 60 years.

The Chinese military has never sent a signal that was in disagreement with the country's path. It is a cornerstone of China's stability.

Now, although this confusion has cleared, reflection should continue. As China is rising against a lot of opposition, it is crucial that society keeps its political somberness. Debates like military nationalization shouldn't be allowed perhaps. This has nothing to do with opinion diversification.

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