Brrr! It’s a true blue day

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-12-1 17:58:01

Shanghai people rug and mask up for winter

Pupils at the Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School smile as they try out their new masks. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

Air pollution shades the city skyline. Photo: Yang Hui/GT


On Sunday at 5 pm the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blue cold alert, predicting a temperature dip of 8 C to 10 C in the next 48 hours, along with strong northwest winds.

Workers on a city building create dust on the job. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

Factories in Shanghai Waigaoqiao belch smoke constantly from their chimneys. Photo: Yang Hui/GT


Over November Shanghai and its citizen have been battling haze and air pollution in various ways. Most are hoping that the new strong winds will sweep the pollutants far away and improve the quality of air in the city. But some warn the winds could also blow more pollutants in.

Students at East China Normal University wear masks on a break from the classroom. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

With a population of more than 23 million people - making it China's largest city and the world's largest city proper according to the World Population Review - this means that there's no lack of pollutants in the city. Vehicle exhausts, construction dust and industrial emissions are believed to be some of the main sources of the PM 2.5 particle pollutants. Winter makes pollution in the city worse with cold air keeping the atmosphere close to the ground.

Serious industrial strength pollution masks are worn by these two on the Bund. Photo: Yang Hui/GT

In January 2013, at the peak of winter, the city's major hospitals reported receiving between 10 and 20 percent more patients at their respiratory departments. In November, a period in the past when few people traveled by choice, travel agencies are now reporting that business has surged by 20 percent as city folk head for destinations on the islands in South China or tourist spots in the far west, reported. 

Sales of domestic air purifiers are booming. Photo: Yang Hui/GT


On the eve of winter when people are looking forward to months of cold and chilling weather and dirty hazy air, many citizens are already wearing masks and trying to protect their lungs from one of the side effects of winter and development. Other are staying indoors more and using air purifiers.

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