Zhou’s expulsion an anti-graft milestone

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-12-8 0:38:02

Zhou Yongkang, former member of the standing committee of the politburo of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and ex-head of the nation's security apparatus and law enforcement agencies, was officially expelled from the Party on Friday.

His case and the relevant evidence have been transferred to judicial organs. Zhou's fall marks a milestone that will lead China's anti-corruption endeavors to go much deeper and serves to refresh Chinese people's understanding of these endeavors.

Besides Zhou, Xu Caihou, another former member of the politburo of the CPC Central Committee and a former top military officer, was also dragged down in July in this anti-corruption campaign.

In fact, several high-ranking officials, some of whom belonged to powerful departments, were investigated because of corruption. It seems that the power they wielded, if added together, was astonishingly strong. This has raised some public concerns over whether the iron fist to fight corruption will incite a backlash from the frightened officials and thus destabilize Chinese society.

But the facts tell us that notwithstanding how powerful these officials once were, their influence collapses in an instant when they are caught. Joint counterattacks by corrupt officials are just a distant dream.

The CPC and the whole country have strong desires to see justice done. This is the trump card that can destroy these powerful corrupt officials with the slightest effort. When justice makes them pay, all of them are alone and desperate.

"Serve the people" has been the core purpose of the CPC since its foundation. The process of pursuing this purpose has had twists and turns, but its legitimacy has been accepted by the Chinese people. It is the fundamental drive that makes the CPC consistently practice justice.

No matter how grave the corruption is, it will never get the upper hand because the CPC adheres to its promise to the Chinese people. Corrupt officials will never find a way to whitewash their dirty works. They may be able to break the law by the hand of power, but they will never control power, as justice shall always prevail.

Unlike many other social phenomena which can be seen as black or white from different perspectives, corruption, without any doubt, is an evil that must be got rid of. While the anti-corruption campaign is sweeping the entire country, these corrupt officials have to face inevitable punishments. It is karma.

China's ruling party has shown its determination and courage to push the anti-corruption campaign to the end, dispelling many people's disbelief that this movement will not endure. 

The anti-corruption campaign has proven to Chinese society that the determination to pursue justice is solid. This belief has already been embedded into both the Party and the country's veins, giving China the right direction at a critical moment.

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