The legacies of 2014 will long linger

Source:Global Times Published: 2014-12-31 0:53:02

Now it's time to bid farewell to 2014. But the wealth of experiences this year in China will linger, and won't be forgotten in an instant. 

In 2014, China's anti-corruption drive has made remarkable achievements with four "tigers" taken down, which has surely exceeded what most Chinese people could have imagined in years gone by. As a result, the meaning of the drive is being re-learned and society is updating its expectations for the process and outcomes of the drive. China is proceeding toward a clean society with unprecedented efforts, and these efforts are being given more credit.  

There are also efforts to deepen reform and advance the rule of law. And a series of ambitious plans were put forward, including the "One Belt and One Road" initiative and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, while China's economy is shifting toward a "new normal." A new blueprint for the reform and opening up has been shaped and in this process China has again shown striking efficiency.

It's fair to say that in a large country, it is difficult for the government to make real breakthrough due to the variety of problems it faces. However, the course China's ruling party and the Chinese government took can be considered as groundbreaking compared with others in the world.

There have been no fewer disputes and difficulties in China this year than most places on the planet, but when we look back, our efforts to tackle them have largely paid off.

The Chinese economy is still growing faster than other major powers thanks to the sizable stimulus and restructuring. In addition, with enhanced military and national strength, China's global influence is on the rise. China's proper handling of the Ukraine crisis, disputes in the South China Sea and its relationship with Japan makes peaceful development something that can be pursued at our own will.

Long-existing uncertainties from within have concerned China. But there have been positive changes to public opinion in 2014 and the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong tested the willpower of the whole country. Society now has more confidence in China's political security.

There are some conflicts. This year, China targeted many thorny issues in a variety of sectors. We now better understand the problems facing the country and simultaneously feel its power, both inside and outside.

It's worth noticing the lack of passion in some localities for the reform. To achieve success in reforms needs enthusiasm at the local level and also grass-roots reformers, and we place our expectations for the new year and more years to come on this success.

With corrupt officials netted and social governance being modernized, there will be reform in China's mechanism of human resources. This means the time is ripe for those who wish to serve the country and participate in China's future.  People will gain different understandings toward taking positive actions. Those who take the lead in this aspect will define the country.

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