Geely's 1.3T turbo assisted engine crowned as one of top 10 Chinese engines Published: 2015-1-5 13:48:05

On October 22nd, the 1.3T turbo assisted engine equipped by Geely's New Emgrand was crowned as one of the top 10 Chinese Engines in 2014, a reputation known as the Oscars of Chinese automobile industry. With its excellent performance in power, efficiency and noise, the engine gained acknowledgement from the committee. The award also manifests Geely's improvement in core technologies of the cars.

As one of the three major global engine awards and the most authoritative engine award in China, the "Chinese Heart" Top 10 Engines of the Year has lasted for 10 years. With an impartial and comprehensive evaluation standard, the award is highly recognized by the automobile industry and market, and it has been regarded as a referential standard for consumers when they choose cars. While the rules for this year see some changes and the imported engines are also included in the competition, through which the self-developed engines could contest with the advanced engine in the world on a lager platform.

It has been learnt that 46 engines made by 28 manufacturers signed up for the competition. All cars involved must go through five technical evaluation processes including power index, technology advancement, market performance, energy conservation and emission reduction, and experience to stand out among their counterparts. Geely's 1.3T engine has received wide acknowledgement from the members of the committee and was included in the name list of the top 10 engines. The committee described the engine as "Geely's small-displacement turbo-assisted engine launched this time is on a par with the global major brands, and its performance of noise in idle speed could compare with some luxurious brands. Its evaluation data and performances are appreciative and embody Geely's great improvement in the development of engines".  

As an important component directly influencing the performance of the whole vehicle, engines present more demands for the car makers. In order to meet the demands of the consumers, the small-displacement turbo-assisted engine has become a trend. After 6-year dedicated efforts, Geely has developed its first 1.3T turbo-assisted engine independently. The engine pools advanced turbo , VVT and timing-chain free-maintenance technologies together and is characterized by excellent performance like light weight, durability and fuel conservation. The engine produces 98kW of power and 185Nm of torque which can propel the car to a top speed of 195km/h. With a 5.7L fuel consumption per 100km, the 1.3T is also among the most fuel-efficient models in its class.

After the test, the Evaluation Director from Auto Moto und Sport EVO said that the Geely New Emgrand with a 1.3T engine functions well in acceleration and its power output is relatively fluent at medium speed. The engine operates smoothly in idle speed, and NVH performance is good as well. Although its overall performance in the power system still needs some improvement, its power system contains the advanced technologies and makes use of the concept of small-displacement turbo-assisted engine, which makes the engine's performance can match with the 1.8L engine.

As one of the most important index, the good market performance of New Emgrand with 1.3T engine also contributes to the final result. Since the launch of the car in Jinan this July, the sales of the car keep growing. Its sales climbed to 17,952 units in September from 10,572 units in August, increasing 19.12% month-on-month. It's worth mentioning that the domestic sales of the car hit 15,985 and increased 49.9% month-on-month, making it a best seller among the self-developed models and cementing its position in the top 11 list of the A-class cars.   

Industry experts believe that the crown of the 1.3T turbo assisted engine is not a surprise and its efforts including acquisition of Volvo and DSI all contributed to this result. 

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