Wealthy doctor posts ad seeking daughter to inherit fortune

Source:Henan Business Daily Published: 2015-1-27 20:18:13

A wealthy elderly woman in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, has social media buzzing after posting a classified ad in the hopes of finding an adult daughter to keep her company and possibly inherit her fortune.

"I am a 68-year-old doctor who owns a clinic and four houses in Zhengzhou but have no children. I want to find a kind-hearted and filial woman under 40 to be my daughter, who could inherit my wealth if we get along," read the notice posted Thursday morning near a job recruitment center.

The unnamed woman explained she is in good health and only wants to find a person to accompany her and her husband, reported the Henan Business Daily.

When asked about the inheritance, the unidentified woman declined to comment.

"I want to hire a daughter, not a nurse," the woman told the daily, explaining that only a "kind-hearted and ambitious woman" could inherit her money. Reports did not specify the size of the inheritance.

The woman's husband has been bedridden for three years due to a brain disease.

She added that if unable to find a satisfactory candidate, she will donate all her property to a local welfare center.

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