Danone Waters China takes steps to protect water ecosystem

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-2-2 20:23:01

Danone Waters China launches its "Beautiful Xunwu, Vigorous Dongjiang: Dongjiang River Source Xunwu Ecosystem Protection Project." Photo: Courtesy of Danone Waters China

Danone Waters China (DWC) held a press conference on January 22 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, to announce the company's water ecosystem restoration strategy. The company, in conjunction with the government of Xunwu county in Jiangsu Province, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and Friends of the Earth (HK), is doing a "Beautiful Xunwu, Vigorous Dongjiang: Dongjiang River Source Xunwu Ecosystem Protection Project."

DWC is the first enterprise to initiate and engage in water ecosystem conservation projects for the Dongjiang River source. The Xunwu ecosystem protection project is another product of DWC's collaborative efforts with NGOs on water ecosystem conservation. In 2014, Danone Waters China and IUCN cooperated on a conservation project for water sources in Longmen Jiaquan area in Guangdong Province.

"Danone firmly believes that healthy food begins with healthy nature," DWC President Floris Wesseling said at the press conference. "Water lies at the foundation of Danone's beverage business, so ensuring sustainable consumption of water resources is one of Danone's most important responsibilities."

At the press conference, Wesseling, Vice Chairman of People's Political Consultative Conference of Xunwu county Peng Lingli, Representative of IUCN in China Zhu Chunquan, and Board Chairman for Friends of the Earth (HK) Vivian Wong lit up the map of the Dongjiang River region to officially kick off the Xunwu project. "The project will not only bring benefits to 320,000 residents in Xunwu county, but it will positively impact the quality of drinking water for 50 million people along the Dongjiang River basin," Peng said.

This multi-party cooperation is a widely-accepted model overseas and is expected to receive funding from enterprises, support from the government, and participation from NGOs.

"The government and local residents are the most important guardians of the Dongjiang River," Director of Friends of the Earth (HK) Mei Ng said. "We are willing to work with them and Danone to contribute to the conservation of the water ecosystem."

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