Returned scholars not foe of core values

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-2-6 0:33:01

The debate over how to strengthen ideological education in Chinese universities and colleges has become increasingly strident in recent days. An article published recently questioned whether talented intellectuals who have studied in Western academic institutions for a long time are qualified to teach Marxist theory and core socialist values in Chinese universities. 

It's inappropriate to deny the value of returned scholars in such a fashion. Claiming that these educators are opposed to disseminating core socialist values and that they are against their country is a misrepresentation. It's neither the goal of the endeavor to strengthen ideological work in colleges, nor the desire of the government and Chinese mainstream society.  Generations of intellectuals returning from overseas study have committed themselves to the cause of Chinese socialist construction. They are among the backbone of China's technological development, most of whom have dedicated their youth and even lifetime to propelling the country's development.

Now, a new generation of the returned is playing an active role in universities and colleges. They chose to come back to serve their country because they share the common aspiration of making their homeland better.

Because their vision is broader, those who have lived abroad are more likely to acknowledge China's rapid progress and high efficiency. They are also more likely to be able to analyze China's problems based on facts. When these ambitious returnees come home, most of them become firm patriots.

China can only be successful by continuing along the path of reform and opening up. Promoting ideological education in colleges can be considered a reform, with the goal of fostering a new generation of talented people who are faithful to their nation and its people. Given China's integration with the world, its education cannot be a closed system. The young generation must grow up through interacting with the world.

There are also many talented intellectuals who are domestically educated. They make an equal contribution to any scholar who has returned from abroad. Whatever time has elapsed since New China was founded, there has never been a significant ideological division between these two groups.

Educators, whether educated at home or abroad, are not in opposition when further education institutions are strengthening ideological education. Expressing solidarity is very precious at this time.

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