Keep alert to ‘HK independence’ rhetoric

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-2-8 23:38:06

During a recent rally held by Hong Kong opposition groups, some protesters showed up waving Hong Kong flags dating from the British colonial era. They clamored to pursue "Hong Kong independence" or "have Hong Kong detached from China." "Hong Kong independence" also has become a topic in the latest University of Hong Kong student publication, Undergrad, in which there was astounding rhetoric that "only a thorough revolution could save Hongkongers from extermination."

Such absurd rabble-rousing is undoubtedly proposed by a handful of radicals and aims to stir up the public. The majority of Hongkongers as well as mainland society tend to treat the Hong Kong independence question in an indecisive manner, as either paying attention to the question or snubbing it seems to help expand its influence. "Hong Kong independence" cannot be realized, nor will it lead to the upsurge of a large-scale political movement. Nonetheless, the spread of "Hong Kong independence" rhetoric is alarming. 

"Hong Kong independence" ideology stems from hostility against China and communism. Because of bitter antagonism toward the Communist Party of China and objection to the return of Hong Kong, the "separatists" became vehement radicals. They seemingly long to return to the colonial era. However, no former colony has ever reverted to colonial rule, or expressed such a desire.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and head of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong, Zhang Xiaoming, recently openly denounced the idea of "Hong Kong independence," demonstrating the common concern of mainstream Hong Kong society and mainland society. No matter the central government, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government or Hong Kong society, all sides have the responsibility to safeguard national security and must not tolerate dissemination of views about "Hong Kong independence."

"Hong Kong independence" seriously violates the Basic Law and China's Constitution. Spreading "Hong Kong independence" views or engaging in separatist activities constitutes a criminal offense. Even under the situation that the legislation of Article 23 of the Basic Law is shelved, those words and deeds instigating "Hong Kong independence" are breaches of the relevant criminal laws in Hong Kong.

We hope all Hongkongers will stay away from "Hong Kong independence." The emergence of "Hong Kong independence" will sabotage the city's prosperity and stability. Hong Kong society should stay highly alert from the very beginning. We believe that no matter how zealous the Hong Kong separatists are, the majority of the Hong Kong public is rational and sober.

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