SOA details 2014 Diaoyu Islands patrols

Source:Xinhua Published: 2015-2-9 22:25:41

Chinese vessels maintained regular patrols in 2014 in the waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands to safeguard the country's maritime rights, State Oceanic Administration (SOA) director Wang Hong said on Monday.

The China Coast Guard has strengthened management of the region around Huangyan Island, and carried out patrols around Ren'ai Jiao, Beikang Ansha and Nankang Ansha.

In 2014, the SOA uncovered 975 violations of sea area use and collected fines of 1.56 billion yuan (254.4 million US dollars). It also imposed fines of 49.2 million yuan for 693 environmental breaches.

Wang said that the SOA will continue to protect maritime rights and "carry out comprehensive law enforcement" in fishing, environmental protection, oil-gas exploration and protection over endangered animals.

The SOA also plans to enhance law enforcement over uninhabited islands in 2015, and to increase maritime strength such as further developing icebreakers, its director added.

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