Xi’s state visit extends positive momentum

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-2-12 0:33:01

Chinese President Xi Jinping has accepted US President Barack Obama's invitation to pay a state visit to the US, and the trip is set to be in September. It's a big event for both sides, as it is believed that it will clarify many questions and uncertainties.

The China-US relationship is regarded as the most important bilateral relationship in the world. The significance of these ties lies in the weight of the two countries and how their actions will influence the world.

China and the US display the biggest ideological gap among the major powers, and it is hard to reconcile the so-called structural contradictions that the two are locked in.

Despite an enormous number of doomsaying analyses of the bilateral ties, the two countries haven't been dragged into the "inevitable" conflicts between a rising and an existing power. This is perhaps a miracle already.

Negative views toward each other appear in the media or on other platforms every day. There is a growing tendency that the two remain guarded in their relationship. Although they are making efforts to improve mutual trust, mistrust is ingrained in public opinion on both sides.

It's an arduous task to develop a new type of major power relationship and maintain constructive strategic engagement. Unprecedentedly in history, the top leaders of both China and the US hold the lion's share of responsibility for global peace.

Mutual understanding displayed through friendly visits between top leaders is the biggest source for mutual strategic trust. The Xi-Obama meetings at the Sunnylands estate in California and in Zhongnanhai in Beijing have played an irreplaceable role. There is nothing more precious than when Xi and Obama shake hands and have amicable talks.

History is at a critical transition. Will the pattern that the rise and fall of great powers inevitably leads to war be changed? China and the US as two major powers are trying to answer this question. It will be inspiring if the answer is yes.

Xi and Obama hold the record in leaders' exchanges between the two countries. They previously extended their talks to 10 hours, which indicates their responsible attitudes toward the two countries and to world peace. They have lived up to the expectations of the people in the Asia-Pacific region.

There are seven months to go before the visit takes place. Both Beijing and Washington will be preparing for the visit over the next several months. This will propel cooperation and help avoid conflicts.

Various forces in the two countries should cherish the good momentum created by the two leaders. Establishing a new type of major-power relationship is not only a matter of leadership, but also for the whole of society.

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