Anti-graft drive needs diligent governance

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-2-13 0:13:01

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang put forward several requirements for anti-corruption work in 2015 at the third work conference of the Independent Commission Against Corruption of the State Council on February 9. Li asked officials at all levels to be more proactive in promoting the implementation of major decisions. "Those who are lazy with administrative duties and don't make the slightest contribution to governance will be harshly punished, while those who practice diligent government will be given a stage," Li said.

Plenty of officials practice clean and diligent governance across China. However, they haven't drawn enough attention in view of the headline-attracting "tigers and flies" that the anti-corruption campaign targets. This is not only a time of eradicating corruption, but also a time for clean and diligent officials to give full play to their abilities. Public opinion should pay attention to them, encouraging them to come to the fore. Be they village officials, county Party secretaries, mayors or enterprise leaders, they are the essential element to turn the blueprint of reform into reality at a time when the process of comprehensively deepening reforms in various arenas has already started.

Anti-corruption has become a "new normal" in China. Profound changes have taken place in both social and governance environments. Public opinion firmly supports the anti-graft endeavor. Besides catching corrupt officials, propelling social and economic development and advancing the rule of law is also a kind of genuine support for the anti-graft campaign.

The attitude that officials take toward anti-corruption is not only shown in their remarks, but also in their work performance. They should bolster the anti-corruption campaign with their administrative achievements. A recent article published by the Washington Post claimed that without bribes to oil the wheels, Chinese projects will stagnate and the economy will take a hit. When Western media outlets attempt to pour cold water on the anti-graft campaign, we can only respond to them with our achievements.

China's GDP grew by 7.4 percent in 2014 and faces heightened economic downturn pressure. However, in the global scope, this is an admirable result. Western public opinion in recent days has kept peddling gloom over China's economy this year. Their doomsaying is bound to come to nothing. China has never had an easy development environment in recent decades, having weathered the storm of political pressure in the late 1980s and the sweeping global financial crisis in 2008.

Fighting against corruption doesn't only concern the central government and the discipline and inspection authorities, it's a matter for all of society. We are all participators in the campaign, with some directly confronting the "tigers and flies," while others support the drive through their public approval. Clean and diligent officials are the backbone of society. We believe that their number is far higher than that of corrupt officials. They deserve our support.

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