Hong Kong horror movie storms in for Tomb Sweeping Festival

Source:Global Times Published: 2015-2-25 19:48:01

Gordon Lam(l) and Alex Fong star in Midnight Garage. Photo: Courtesy of Hengye Film

Starring actors Alex Fong, Gordon Lam and Korean actress Yoon So-yi, Hong Kong horror movie Midnight Garage is set to hit the big screens on April 3, two days before the Qingming Festival, also known as the Tomb Sweeping Festival.

According to a press release from Hengye, the film production company behind the film, the movie is an adaptation of a case that occurred in Hong Kong during the 1980s in which dozens of people died one after another in a local parking garage, leading the local government to step in and close off a parking spot for being "haunted."

Following in the style of traditional Hong Kong horror movies, the film is anticipated by many fans in the mainland as a return to form for Asian horror.

The film follows two night shift security guards as they witness the deaths of several people after parking in a particular parking spot. 

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